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Representative name: Jean Choy, Associate Dean, Executive Education and International Initiatives

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Seattle, Washington, United States

UW Global Executive MBA provides you the opportunity to receive your MBA degree in just one year from a world-renowned university in the heart of Seattle, one of the most innovative cities in the United States. You will learn from award-winning faculty at the Foster School of Business in a smaller cohort than other MBA programs, enabling more access to personalized feedback from faculty, hands-on practice, and closer relationships with your fellow classmates from around the globe. GEMBA also leverages Seattle’s status as a global hub for innovation, technology, sustainability, and diversity.

1-year full-time program

$100,000 for early application received by October 1, 2022

$120,000 for standard application received by January 10, 2023

Early application scholarship of $20,000 for applications received by October 1, 2022

Students can take 16 credits of electives on a variety of topics. The program also includes theme-based teaching and a global immersion trip on managing climate risks and opportunities for businesses. Available STEM-designated MBA MS option without additional tuition expense.

University of Washington Foster School of Business Chat
Jean Choy
6/09 07:31PM
Good morning everyone! I'm Jean Choy, Associate Dean and with me also is April Sather, Director of the GEMBA Program. Happy to meet you. Feel free to present your questions in chat.
Good morning! April here, happy to chat with you today.
We are a 12-month MBA program located in the heart of Seattle, Washington, home to iconic companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing and Costco. We have a very entrepreneurial spirit in the PNW!
PNW (Pacific Northwest) region of the U.S.
Our applicants must have the equivalent of a 4-year degree and minimum of 6 years professional work experience. About 80% of our students come from outside the US.
Guest- Dor
6/09 07:39PM
Hi! How would you advise candidates to get to know your MBA program and student community if they aren’t able to visit your campus?
Jean Choy
6/09 07:40PM
We can connect you to some alums who can share their experience about the culture of not only the GEMBA itself but what it's like to live in Seattle.
Guest- Tamar
6/09 07:41PM
Hi Jean, I have cleared CFA but have a low GMAT score. Can CFA compensate in anyway?
Jean Choy
6/09 07:44PM
We have decided to make GMAT optional so this means we would be looking at many other factors such as other credentials, work experience, university GPA, other community/leadership activities, etc. GMAT is one indicator typically used to determine success rate but we also feel recommendations from your company supervisor also is impactful and track record on how you are progressing as a professional.
For anyone who has strong GMAT score, then we would encourage you to include in the application but not required.
Guest- Daniel
6/09 07:48PM
Hi Jean
I am debating between a regular MBA and the tech MBA. do you have stats on job opportunities? is the tech MBA 1Y?
Jean Choy
6/09 07:51PM
The Technology Management MBA (TMMBA) at UW Foster is an 18 month work compatible program and the 2Y MBA is full time program. They target slightly different audience but if you are more interested in landing a job in the U.S., then the 2Y FT MBA would offer more dedicated career services.
Hi Daniel - the full time MBA program at UW has a very successful rate of job placements, I am not sure about TMMBA. We are not as knowledgeable about programs outside of GEMBA, but we can direct you to UW staff who are.
Guest- Alon
6/09 07:51PM
hi jean, thank you so much for your time. What is the average GMAT score needed for your program?
Jean Choy
6/09 07:53PM
UW Foster has six different MBA programs and this chat focuses on the 1 year full-time Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) Program. For many of the MBA programs, GMAT is now optional but typically the 2Y FT MBA's GMAT average has been around 700.
Guest- Amit
6/09 07:53PM
A question about military experience effect while applying for an MBA degree. How is your university admission policy for veterans, having less experience in the labor market?
Jean Choy
6/09 07:54PM
We value and support applicants with military service so we would take that into consideration.
To follow up on Alon's question about GMAT average for the GEMBA program, historically when applicants included their GMAT, average has been around 620 or so.
Guest- Nick
6/09 08:06PM
Jean, to follow up on Amit's question, I too have 3Y miletary service then I worked for 2 Y, then I start studying (will finish my degree in one month) I have 0 post - BA years of work experience, but I am 29
how do I count this experience?
Jean Choy
6/09 08:07PM
Hi Nick - so the committee would probably consider that 5 years of professional experience.
Military experience counts
. I would encourage you to apply, by the enrollment date you may have 6 years?
Guest- Ofek
6/09 08:08PM
Hi Jean, I do not have any substantial extracurriculars. Can this be compensated in any manner?
Jean Choy
6/09 08:09PM
Hi Ofek - extra curricular activity is only one aspect of the application.
The admissions committee will consider many other aspects of your application as well.
Guest- Tamar
6/09 08:10PM
Hey, I have already done an MBA. Am I eligible?
Jean Choy
6/09 08:11PM
As we try to have a more wholistic approach to the admissions, you will also be able to tell us more about you during an interview. Since the next GEMBA cohort begins in June 2023. with application deadline of January 10, 2023, there is time to include more activities that you feel would be important.
Hi Tamar - if you already have your MBA, what is your primary driver and interest in GEMBA?
depending on when you earned your MBA, some of the material may duplicative, so it may not be a good fit? But it does not preclude you from being accepted. That being said, if you earned your MBA some time ago, the global focus, STEM focus and/or global immersion may have benefit.
Guest- Dan
6/09 08:18PM
Jean, a word about Visa?
can I work after the degree with the student visa
Guest- Tamar
6/09 08:19PM
Thanks, Jean. I did my MBA 6 years back without work experience. After gaining 6 years of work exp, I can now identify the managerial skills that I have to hone + global exposure. Hence, a second MBA
Jean Choy
6/09 08:20PM
Thanks, Tamar, that makes total sense, and seems like a good fit for your professional growth.
Dan, we issue F-1 student visa which allows students to apply for OPT. OPT is usually one year extension but if you opt for the STEM designate, then OPT could be extended to 3 years. We included a STEM designation option for GEMBA with the next cohort but in order to qualify, student must take 16 elective credits on all STEM approved electives.
Guest- tal
6/09 08:27PM
Hi..i have 7 years of military experience. I do not have any other experience (like Finance,Tech, etc.). Am I eligible?
Jean Choy
6/09 08:28PM
Hi Tal - yes your military experience counts and you would be eligible to apply.
Looks like we are almost out of time, can I answer any other questions today? It's been great chatting with you all.
MBAFair Admin
6/09 08:36PM
The chat sessions are now closed - Thanks