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Representative name: Hilary Caplan Somorjai
Position: Director, West Coast, HBS MBA Admissions
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Harvard’s MBA program is among the best-known, most prestigious and most sought-after in the world. Harvard consistently appears at the top of business school rankings. Founded in 1908, it is the third-oldest MBA program worldwide and the largest in the United States, with about 1,800 students. Its main academic strength is general management and strategy. In addition, Harvard is considered strong in marketing and non-profit management.

The main quality Harvard seeks in a candidate is leadership potential, defined as the ability to influence, persuade and take initiative.

Harvard pioneered the case-study method of pedagogy, which has now spread to the overwhelming majority of business schools internationally, which quite often use Harvard’s original case studies. The program boasts a general management orientation with a unique emphasis on leadership. Its alumni network boasts 41,000 graduates of legendary power and prestige.

A full-time two year general management and leadership practice programme that’s based on real-world challenges.

  • A truly diverse student body is the foundation of the HBS experience. The case method classroom interaction is enriched by classmates from diverse industries, functions, countries and experiences. This diverse community of students reflects a world of different talents, beliefs and backgrounds.
  • 35% of the HBS student body are international.
  • At HBS, students are free to follow their inspiration and imagination while benefiting from a deep collection of resources that support the unique needs of entrepreneurs.

Two years

One year’s tuition – $73,440

Need based fellowships

General Management Program

Boston, MA 02163, USA

Boston, MA 02163, USA