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Representative name: Bianca Matthew

Position: Assistant Director of Enrollment and Admissions

Email: [email protected]

Open chat hours: 18:00-19:00

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The Johnson Cornell Tech MBA is the only MBA program in the USA where business school students learn, study, and develop digital products alongside graduate students in computer science, electrical engineering, operations research, information systems, law, and design.

The 12-month MBA program, which begins with a 10-week summer session in Ithaca, New York working on business and leadership fundamentals at Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, bridges the business and tech worlds by emphasizing cross-disciplinary teamwork in a studio-based curriculum.

The Johnson Cornell Tech MBA, conferred by the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, provides the same foundational curriculum as Johnson’s other full-time, residential MBA programs while focusing on entrepreneurship, developing technology-driven business solutions, and leveraging New York City’s vibrant tech startup community.

Cornell Tech MBA is a joint academic venture between Cornell University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and is partnered with the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, an independent entity that embraces novel research and entrepreneurial initiatives that address social and economic needs around the world.
Cornell Tech has very strong ties to the Israeli tech industry – all of our Master’s students have the option to participate in iTrek, a for-credit, fall-semester course that pairs student teams with Israeli startups to identify that company’s “pain point” and ends with a 10-day trek around Israel, where students present their findings to their assigned startups and explore the region.

1 year (May-May)


Merit-based; generous

2 W Loop Rd, New York, NY 10044, USA

Cornell Tech Chat
Guest- Nadav
6/09 08:35PM
Would you please elaborate on the process of securing financial aid and what are the options available to applicants from Israel?
MBAFair Admin
6/09 08:41PM
Hi everyone Cornell Tech Chat will start in 30 minutes (18:30 Israel time) sorry for the delay
Bianca Matthew
6/09 08:55PM
Hi Nadav, We provide merit-based scholarships based on your application profile. Other than the merit scholarships, there are options t secure loans as well as outdide funding
Guest- Gal
6/09 09:02PM
Hi Bianca, What type of candidates are you looking for?
Guest- Desire
6/09 09:04PM
Guest- Ron
6/09 09:04PM
Hi Bianca, is there an option you can share the link to the zoom meeting you are currently hosting? would be greatly appreciated!
Guest- Asaf
6/09 09:05PM
Hello, Does your school require a GMAT?
Guest- Desire
6/09 09:05PM
I saw the studies start in itacha and then move to Cornell tech campus... I want to come with my spouse so hard to be flexible... are there other travels ?
Guest- Ofir
6/09 09:07PM
I have around 9 years of experience. Is that too high?
Bianca Matthew
6/09 09:09PM
Hi Gal, we seek candidates with 3-7 years of digital-based experience
We do not have a GMAT cut-off score, but you should aim for a 700+
Desire, the program is hosting in Ithaca for the summer then in NYC during the fall and spring
Ofir, you are still eligible to apply. Please ensure that you explain your reasoning for pursuing an MBA and how it would help you in your career
Guest- MBA2022!
6/09 09:13PM
Hi, I looked at your alumni on Linkedin and saw most are product managers ... I am looking for entrepreneurship. is this a route as well?
Bianca Matthew
6/09 09:14PM
Yes, majority of our student move in to product management or to start their own startup
Guest- MBA2022!
6/09 09:15PM
now, all I need is a high GMAT and some money to fund my MBA
Guest- ben
6/09 09:17PM
hi, I heard I can study full time in the first year and then work in the second year. Is this right? How do I find out more about Visas?
Guest- Lara
6/09 09:19PM
I have a friend who studied at Cornell Tech and got a fat scholarship. My GMAT is 660. will this affect my chances?
Bianca Matthew
6/09 09:21PM
Hi Lara, you will still be considered for a merit-based scholarship
The program is only one-year
Guest- Assaf Liron
6/09 09:30PM
Hi Bianca, is there an LGBTQ+ community at Cornell Tech? Is there a way for me to contribute to the community while pursuing my MBA?
MBAFair Admin
6/09 09:32PM
The chats are now closing. Thank you all for joining.
Bianca Matthew
6/09 09:35PM
Hi yes, there is a student-led organization OUT at Cornell. Yes you can definitely join these organization and take on a leadership role
2 W Loop Rd, New York, NY 10044, USA