Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

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Position: Director of Operations
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Johnson leverages the extensive resources of one of the largest Ivy League universities to deliver a robust, thoughtfully designed curriculum that is tailored to your individual interests and needs. In this context, our culture can fully develop into the fullest expressions of its three fundamentals:

  • Our performance-learning approach goes far beyond typical job-based learning to yield understanding while demanding real business results.
  • Cornell connections give you instant access to our vast research, teaching, and alumni resources.
  • Our intense, collaborative community cultivates exceptional team skills that put you at the top of your game — and at the top of recruiter lists.

One-Year MBA Program – 12 months

Two – Year MBA Program – 22 months

One-Year MBA Program – $39,462 (Summer Term) and $71, 940 (Fall/Spring Term)

Two – Year MBA Program – $71, 940 (Per Year)

Merit-Based Scholarships

Johnson’s unique immersion program is an intense, hands-on semester of integrated course and field work in a specific industry or career interest.

Ithaca, New York, USA

Johnson’s STEM-designated, full-time Two-Year MBA program features one-of-a-kind curriculum, with fully integrated leadership development components and the opportunity to take advantage of programming offered in partnership with Cornell Tech in New York City.

The Johnson NYC Intensives are offered jointly to Ithaca-based and Cornell Tech residential MBA students, giving them the opportunity to work together closely and learn from each other. In addition, Ithaca-based students have access to the state-of-the-art resources offered by Cornell Tech and New York City and can choose to spend either half or the entirety of their final semester at our Cornell Tech campus in New York City.

At Johnson, we train leaders to have Competence, Character, Compassion, and Courage. But leadership development can’t be confined to a classroom. You must put what you’re learning into action.

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