Lauder Business School

Situated in a bucolic setting in the most elegant district of Vienna, Lauder Business School (LBS) has earned a reputation as a leading international University of Applied Sciences in the European Union. Founded in 2003 as Jewish initiative, LBS is geared to students seeking an educational experience that will give them the competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding professional workplace. The LBS environment offers students an ideal setting in which to hone their critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Students participate in research, observation and experimentation, stimulating creative solutions to real challenges.

With its student-centered learning model led by a faculty of outstanding academic and business professionals, LBS prepares its students for leadership careers in business. Faculty members come from various disciplinary backgrounds including business administration, economics, law, IT, psychology, political science and philosophy. Their expertise is complemented by a shared commitment to LBS’s inspired vision of a higher educational experience that prepares students to become serious players in their chosen field.


  • Advanced business administration
  • In-depth management and leadership skills
  • Participate in project based learning & research activities
  • Student Consultancy Project with partner companies
  • Business simulations
  • SAP & IPMA-D certification


  • Contemporary knowledge in international banking and finance
  • In-depth training in asset management, financial management, and banking processes
  • Focus on Business Analytics, a fast growing field in the industry
  • Access to financial data sources Bloomberg & R statistical software

2 years (4 semesters)

Winter term : October – January

Summer term: February – June

€363.36 for EU citizens

€726.72 for non-EU citizens

Academic Scholarships ->

Other Scholarships ->  Jewish campus – subsidized prices of housing + dining scholarships; more information:

Possibility to specialize in various fields during the last semester when choosing the focus of the master thesis and the final commission exam

Lauder Business School

Hofzeile 18-20

A – 1190 Vienna,  Austria