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ESMT Berlin, located in the heart of Berlin, Germany, is a global business school founded by 25 multinational corporations. ESMT offers five degree programs: A two-year Master’s in Management; a one-year Full-time MBA, a two-year Part-time Blended MBA in Business Innovation, a Global Online MBA and a part-time Executive MBA (EMBA). All programs benefit from close relationships with ESMT’s corporate network. The Full-time MBA program is starting in January each year. The MBA Class of 2022 is made up of 51 participants representing 24 nationalities with an average work experience of 7 years.

For more information regarding the part-time MBA options, kindly visit our website

ESMT Berlin’s MBA is an international, general management program for early-to-mid career professionals with a strong focus on personal growth. The school offers three tracks: Managerial Analytics, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Leadership, as well as pre- and post-MBA options such as a coding bootcamp, intensive German classes, and quantitative prep courses.

Throughout the one-year program in Berlin, the MBA enables students to work in diverse teams, discover their drives and limits, and challenge conventional thinking. Students are required to participate in coaching, team building, and reflection seminars that are fully integrated into the curriculum.

Moreover, students complete an integrated seven-week consulting project with multinational companies or start-ups, a one-week exchange through the Global Network for Advanced Management, and project modules within each of the three tracks.

The average age in the class is 31, with 7 years of work experience and a 73%/27% (male/female) ratio.

The MBA at ESMT is over 90% international with 51 participants from 24 different countries. It is the most international program in Germany and provides a diverse learning experience for future global leaders. Graduates from non-EU countries can easily apply for an 18-month residence permit after the program to look for a job in Germany.

13 months (January-February of the following year)


ESMT offers partial-tuition, merit-based scholarships to outstanding applicants to the MBA program, covering up to 50% of the tuition fees.

  • Managerial Analytics
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Leadership

Berlin, Germany

Esmt Berlin Chat
Guest- Hila
6/10 05:08PM
Hi, I am 36 years old. Is there an age limit for entry?
Guest- Keren
6/10 05:10PM
Hello everyone, can you please let me know if internship experience can also be counted as full-time experience?
Guest- Ophir
6/10 05:20PM
How can I connect with current students/alumni of the school?
Guest- Alex
6/10 05:21PM
What is the most important part of your application?
Guest- Yoni
6/10 05:29PM
I do not know German language. Will that be a disadvantage?
Guest- Bar
6/10 05:34PM
Hi- I do not have any volunteer/community work. Does that make my profile very weak?
Guest- Shai
6/10 05:38PM
Do you consider military experience as work experience?
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 05:55PM
Hi! I wanted to ask how do you treat people with ~10 years of experience? Do you recommend such people (if they are good enough) to come to Esmt?
Rick Doyle
6/10 05:57PM
Hello Everyone!
Guest- Adi
6/10 05:57PM
Is there a GMAT/GRE waiver?
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:01PM
Hi Hila - There's no specific maximum age. I think our oldest ESMT Berlin full-time MBA student was 43. It's more about your profile, career goals and fit with the program.
Guest- Ali nawaz
6/10 06:02PM
I have graduated with Hotel management. I lost the job in Airline with in 10 month experience because of covid.710 in gmat what are the chances to get the admission
ESMT Berlin
6/10 06:02PM
Hi Keren - Tricky question. Generally no, but if your internship was an extended full-time part of your studies, we can sometimes make exceptions. For short-term internships during a bachelor's program, we wouldn't be able to count those. Again, if you had long-term internships following your undergraduate before starting full-time work, we might be able to count those, but would review them on a case by case basis. Sorry...that's not really a specific answer, but hopefully it helps a little. The general rule is 3 years of work experience by the start of the program, not by the time you apply for admission.
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:02PM
Hi Ophir - The easiest way to connect with ESMT Berlin students is to send a request to this email address [email protected]. If you would like to include a link to your LinkedIn profile then we can try to put you in contact with someone who has a similar background. Otherwise we can connect you with any student or alumni. As you prefer. For alumni, honestly, the best way is to find them on LinkedIn and message them there. You'll almost always get a response. We're also happy to make the connection, however!
Hi Alex - Tough question! I would definitely say it's that you have a fit with the ESMT Berlin program strengths and that your career goals fit our network and expertise. That aside, the interview is the most important part for us to be able to get to you know you, your motivations and assess your contribution to the class. 04:24PM The GMAT, your university results, and the rest of the 'data" in the application help us to make sure that you will succeed in the class.
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:09PM
Dear Yoni - You do not need to know German for the program. Everything at ESMT is in English. You can study German as a foreign language. For working after the program, about 85+% of our students don't speak German, but stay in Germany for work following the program. Some jobs require the language, but not all.
Hello Bar - we do value volunteer and community experiences, but they're not required for admission.
Guest- Dan
6/10 06:10PM
Hi Rick, can I study part time at ESMT and work in the same time? or are the studies just full time?
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:10PM
Hi Shai - Definitely, we do count military experience as work experience.
Hi Itay - The average work experience for our full-time MBA students is around 7 years. That means there are quite a few with more. We are more interested in your profile and what you bring to the program that whether or not you have too much work experience, in general.
HI Adi - unfortunately we do not offer a GMAT/GRE waiver, but do offer alternatives, depending on the situation. Detailed info is here.
Hi Ali - Your degree is no problem, unfortunately, we wouldn't normally consider candidates for admission to the full-time MBA program with less than 3 years of full-time experience at the time of the program start, not at the time of application. We have made exceptions for those with less experience, 2.5 years for example.
Guest- Nadav
6/10 06:16PM
What type of candidates are you looking for? any specific skills?
Guest- Skye
6/10 06:18PM
how long is the program?
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:18PM
Hi Dan - Well, the full-time MBA doesn't allow you to work and study. We have had some students who work during the second half of the program or who are able to keep up with their own company, if that is the case, but it is rare. However, the part-time, global online and EMBA programs all allow for working while studying. All of the info is here. I'm happy to answer any specific questions that you might have.
Hi Skye - the full-time MBA is 13 months.
Hi Alex - Tough question! I would definitely say it's that you have a fit with the ESMT Berlin program strengths and that your career goals fit our network and expertise. That aside, the interview is the most important part for us to be able to get to you know you, your motivations and assess your contribution to the class. The GMAT, your university results, and the rest of the 'data" in the application help us to make sure that you will succeed in the class.
Hi Nadav - Only the best, of course!
You can see a bit of what we look for in my response to Alex above. Some of the strongest candidates have a career path in the areas of managerial analytics, innovation and entrepreneurship or managerial strategy, which are the specializations of the MBA program.
Guest- Adi
6/10 06:25PM
Hi, I am an entrepreneur. Can you please advise me who I can choose as my recommender as no one supervises me
Guest- David
6/10 06:28PM
Rick hi, can I find a job after the MBA?
Also, I heard it is hard to get out a visa in Germany? is this true?
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:31PM
Hi Adi - Always a difficult situation. A client would be a good option. I would not recommend a business partner unless they can give an unbiased view of your performance. An investor perhaps, if you have raised funds. I would recommend speaking with someone in our Office of Admissions after you submit your application. We certainly understand the situation and with more information they can help you determine the best person. If you email [email protected], they can help when they have all of the info.
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 06:32PM
Thank you for your answer. Are there any specific advantages that your program can offer for the more work-experienced audience?
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:33PM
Hi David - Finding a job after the MBA is tough to answer, that depends so much on so many variables, not the least of which is how you conduct your job search. Working through the career services department to build your profile is a good start. Depending on the year 80-90% of our graduates stay in Germany. Most of the jobs they find come from networking through alumni and ESMT connections, rather than sending out huge quantities of applications.
It is definitely easy to get a visa in Germany after you graduate. Any student who graduates from a German school can stay for 18 months following the program and changing your student visa to a work visa only requires a contract. It's often not even necessary to present this info in person to change your status. You're then also on a short path to permanent residency after a few years.
Guest- Mor
6/10 06:38PM
Do I need to know German language?
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:39PM
Itay - For the full-time - I would say being able to change careers is one of the biggest. It's not specific for those with more work experience, but from the last class, 92% changed industry, 8% changed roles, 84% changed country and 84% changed all three. It's difficult to say specifically, but depending on your interests, there are lots of senior level networking opportunities. We have had graduates on the upper edge of the age range who return to their companies in more senior positions, start their own companies, or change their career completely.
Every student has individual career coaching and networking within the ESMT community so there are ample opportunities to work across areas, especially with EMBA and Exed graduates.
It's a difficult question to answer in a chat! There are so many different options that could help in this situation.
Hi Mor - No, you do not need German for the MBA or to live in Berlin.
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 06:43PM
I know, the chat is challenging... But I appreciate you sincere effort to answer! thank you
Guest- Yuval
6/10 06:43PM
Can I use marksheets instead of transcripts while applying?
Guest- Eran
6/10 06:44PM
Do you offer Special scholarships for Israeli candidates?
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:45PM
Hi Yuval - Usually we only consider official transcripts for the application review. However, if for some reason you can't get those, then submit what you have with an explanation and the Office of Admissions will let you know if they need more info.
Hi Eran - No specific scholarships for Israeli candidates, but numerous scholarships for all applicants. You can find a full list here.
The scholarships are mostly all merit based.
Guest- Adva
6/10 06:56PM
I have recently changed my job. Can I get the recommendation from my previous employer?
Rick Doyle
6/10 06:59PM
Hi Adva - Easy question - Absolutely!
I know you all have to go to meetings, but please don't hesitate to find out more about ESMT Berlin at or This link, if you would like to join an upcoming webinar All of our contact details are on those pages and we would be happy to have an informal discussion about the program, your application or put you in contact with students and alumni. Good luck!
The direct email with any questions is [email protected]
Schlossplatz 1, Berlin, Germany