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Position: Director of Strategy & Marketing, MBA Admissions
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UCLA Anderson School of Management

The UCLA Anderson School of Management is the graduate business school at the University of California, Los Angeles, one of eleven professional schools. The school offers full-time, MBA, part-time MBA, Executive MBA and global EMBA programs, as well as Masters of Financial Engineering and Ph.D. degrees. UCLA Anderson has consistently been ranked a first tier business school, both in United States and international rankings.


The UCLA Anderson MBA program offers a world-class academic experience, a highly collaborative student culture, real-world business research and consulting experience and a proven process for significant career advancement. The personal transformation and advancement achieved by our MBA graduates is reflected by the impressive accomplishments of our MBA alumni.

Learn more about our program on our site: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba

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22 months

Total estimated student charges for the 2020-2021 academic year were $65,124.

Please refer to our Financing page for additional cost estimates and living expenses.

There are numerous ways to financially support your next phase of development. In fact, approximately 80% of our MBAs will receive some form of financial assistance, and half of students receive fellowships. UCLA Anderson awards over $17 million dollars in fellowships every year, with awards ranging from $20,000 to full tuition.

Entering students are automatically considered for merit and donor fellowships prior to admission. In addition to fellowships and loans, second-year students are also eligible to apply to become graduate teaching assistants (TAs) or research assistants (RAs). Additional financing options are available through the UCLA Graduate Division.

International student loans are also available, either with or without a co-signer.

Learn more: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba/financing

Our core curriculum gives all students a business foundation and then our full-time MBA students can begin taking elective courses in as early as winter quarter of their first year. This flexibility helps them quickly build in-depth expertise in their chosen function and industry, strengthening their performance in their summer internship.

MBA students have the option to customize their academic and career preparation by completing one or two of our academic specializations out of a list of 15:

  • Accounting
  • Brand Management
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Executive Development
  • Global Management
  • Health Care Management
  • Investment Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Real Estate
  • Social Impact
  • Sustainability
  • Technology Leadership

For more information on specializations, visit: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba/academics/flexibility-and-specializations

110 Westwood Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90095

UCLA Anderson prepares the brightest aspiring MBAs to become leaders in the business world — which is why recruiters from some of the country’s top companies, including BCG, Google and Goldman Sachs, work with us year after year. At UCLA Anderson, you’ll gain an advanced tool kit and an alumni network of 39,000 to start your career and the life you’ve always wanted.

Here are top 5 things Israeli Candidates should know about UCLA Anderson:

  1. Top hiring companies recruit at UCLA Anderson include Amazon, Google, BCG, Bain & Co., and EY…and all have recently hired international students! About 1/3 students pursue careers in Technology and 1/5 in Consulting. Our top-rated career services provides one-on-one coaching for international students by an experienced International Career Advisor.
  2. STEM-Certified: UCLA Anderson’s MBA academic program is STEM-certified! Grade non-disclosure is also voted on by every class.
  3. Strong Jewish Community: Our very active Jewish Business Student Association has connections and access to LA’s extremely strong Jewish community – join in professional networking events, mentorship programs, Shabbat dinners, and more. LA has the 2nd largest Israeli population in the US.
  4. Very Flexible Curriculum: UCLA Anderson offers 200+ electives, 15 specializations, and the ability to take classes at other UCLA programs. All students also complete the Capstone Project, a hands-on real world experience with the option to build your own company or work as a consultant for a real company during school.
  5. Los Angeles Benefits: In addition to the summer internship, Our MBAs have the ability to do internships during the school year because of our flexible class schedule and UCLA’s location so close to Fortune 500 companies and big technology companies/start-ups.

Learn about our career resources: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba/career-impact

Learn all about our student clubs: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/about/clubs-and-associations

Our Jewish Business Student Association:

UCLA Anderson School of Management Chat
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:00PM
Shalom and hello everyone! My name is Ilana Van Allen and I'm one of the Admissions Officers for UCLA Anderson (and also an alum of the MBA program). Please send in any questions you may have about our program, career opportunities, academics, Los Angeles location, and more. A current Israeli student Mark Shikerman (MBA '21) is also on this chat and will be able to answer your questions too.
Guest- MBA Student - Mark
6/10 05:02PM
Hi everyone, please feel free to ask us anything!
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:07PM
Please also be sure to fill out this very short form to stay connected with us and learn about other upcoming events: https://apply.anderson.ucla.edu/register/inquiry
Guest- Saar
6/10 05:12PM
Hi, A question about military experience effect while applying for an MBA degree. As for myself, an officer serving in the army for the past six years (Captain rank). Through my time in the army, I have both been in operational zones and staff roles, specializing in military intelligence. How is your university admission policy for veterans, having less experience in the labor market?
Guest- Shimi
6/10 05:14PM
Hi Ilana, how would you advise candidates to get to know your MBA program and student community if they aren’t able to visit your campus?
Guest- MBA Student - Mark
6/10 05:17PM
Hi Saar. I was also a captain (IAF) with no "civilian" experience before my MBA. As long as you show in your resume and interviews how your experience is relevant to the class and to your career goals, you have great chances. We have a bunch of veterans in our class , so that should not be a problem.
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:18PM
@ Shimi: Thank you for your great question! There are a lot of ways to connect with our community and learn more about UCLA Anderson. Best place to start is our Connect with a Student portal (https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba/connect-with-our-students) where you'll find a directory of students who are admissions representatives of different clubs -- reach out to anyone there or fill out the form to ask a specific question and the question will get routed to the right person. We also recommend you watch our Campus Tour video hosted by students/alums -- the video is on this school page above the chat. We will also be hosting many events throughout the summer too -- https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba/admissions/events
Guest- Shimi
6/10 05:19PM
great, thank you!
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:21PM
@ Saar: Confirming Mark's response -- our UCLA Anderson admissions team counts any military service as "work experience" (so be sure to include it when we ask for how many years of full-time work experience you have) and often find that our veteran MBA candidates bring amazing transferable skills in leadership, operations, project management, and more!
Guest- Guest - Sam
6/10 05:24PM
I know it's been virtual so far, but with the tech companies moving down towards LA, can you talk about Parker's relationship with them and how students take advantage of this proximity?
Guest- Saar
6/10 05:25PM
Excellent, thank you!
Guest- Jonah
6/10 05:27PM
Hi! I wanted to know if you have differed acceptance and if so how does it work
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:31PM
@ Jonah: UCLA Anderson does not currently have a deferred acceptance program. But we accept individuals with a wide range of work (and military) experience, including some directly out of undergraduate/with very limited work experience.
Guest- Jonah
6/10 05:32PM
Thank you! I would also like to know if it is possible to visit the UCLA campus or take a tour in September
And if so, who should I contact
Guest- MBA Student - Mark
6/10 05:33PM
Hi Sam. If you have a specific company in mind let us know. Generally speaking, we as students at UCLA Anderson have an access to essentially all tech companies on the west coast. Many of them come to campus to do "on-campus-recruiting" (physically or virtually), and in almost all of them we have our alumni who are very helpful and responsive.
Guest- Dan
6/10 05:36PM
Hi there. any info on scholarships?
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:37PM
@ Jonah: As of now, UCLA Anderson is not offering a campus visit program to align with larger state/university guidelines (but may be able to walk around the UCLA campus, just not go into most buildings). That said, conditions are very good in Los Angeles/California now so this could change -- we hope to start up our campus visit program early in the new year. If there are any updates, we will be sure to let everyone know via our website and emails (so be sure to fill out the form noted above to stay looped in). In the meantime, I recommend you watch our Campus Tour video (scroll up on this page).
Guest- Guy
6/10 05:37PM
What do you expect to happen with job offers and summer internships next year?
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:40PM
@ Dan: Yes, UCLA Anderson awards almost $18 million dollars in fellowships every year and about 50% receive a merit-based fellowship! There is no separate application to apply for merit-based fellowships -- all applicants automatically get considered for fellowships and they are awarded based on the strength of the application compared to the pool. There are also additional financial aid opportunities, including loan opportunities for international students (80% of our students receive some form of aid, including both fellowships and loans)
@ Guy: Great question -- good news is we are seeing a lot of strong offers for both summer internships and full-time jobs for our UCLA Anderson MBAs! Even this year our students were able to get placed in amazing opportunities and next year we expect an even stronger job market (especially in Los Angeles and California).
Guest- Michal
6/10 05:45PM
Hi Ilana , I saw you have a program specializing in Technology leadership (Easton Technology Leadership), I was wondering if you can elaborate about it a bit more. Does it require a certain working experience? I am currently an intern in EY at the High- Tech audit division and wanted to know if that's can be relevant
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:50PM
@ Michal -- Great research already! Yes, one of our specializations is in Technology and likely one of our most popular since Technology is the #1 industry our MBAs pursue (over 30%!). There are no pre-requirements for this (or any) of our specializations -- the way one gets a specialization is by completing a set of elective courses. You can see some of the courses here: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba/career-impact/technology-career-path. That said, your work experience sounds wonderful and will be sure to offer great insights in the classroom and also help with recruiting.
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 05:56PM
Hi! I wanted to ask how do you treat people with ~10 years of experience? Do you recommend such people (if they are good enough) to come to Anderson?
UCLA Anderson
6/10 05:58PM
@ Itay: We have no requirements for work experience and have people join our program with 10+ years of work experience! Regardless of the number of years of work experience, what is important is explaining to the admissions committee why you feel an MBA is right for you now, and why you want an MBA (and why UCLA Anderson!)
This open chat will be ending in a few minutes -- thank you all for joining us on this UCLA Anderson chat! Be sure to stay connected with us: A) Connect with our Students: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba/connect-with-our-students B) Fill out this short form: https://apply.anderson.ucla.edu/register/inquiry C) Join our other upcoming events: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/degrees/full-time-mba/admissions/events.
Be sure to also watch the videos on this page and check out our Q&A that has great information for Israeli applicants! https://mbafair.org.il/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/UCLAAnderson-QA-2021.pdf
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 06:02PM
Thank you!!
UCLA Anderson School of Management, Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA, United States