Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

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Duke Fuqua
Fuqua School of Business

The Fuqua School of Business is the business school of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. It currently enrolls more than 1,300 students in degree-seeking programs. These programs include the Daytime Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Global Executive MBA and the Cross Continent MBA.

Admission to the Fuqua School is highly competitive. For the Daytime MBA Class of 2018, 22% of 3,737 applicants were accepted to fill a class of 446. Fuqua reports an 80% GMAT range of 640-750, with 40% international and 35% female students.

Fuqua ensures students gain hands-on management experience outside of the classroom by putting much of student life in the hands of its students. 100% student-run, the MBA Associations supports students in managing 50+ active student clubs and organizations.

Daytime MBA:

The Duke MBA-Daytime is a full-time MBA degree program that combines rigorous academic training that combines classroom instruction and experiential learning opportunities alongside a diverse group of peers – people from different countries, experiences, and viewpoints. This integrated approach helps students to develop skills to analyze options, an open mind to appreciate other perspectives, and a new way of working based on drawing out strengths in others. At the core of our curriculum and community is the term Team Fuqua. Our students believe it is important to draw out strengths in others to move a team forward toward a common goal and is the secret to success as future business leaders. Bringing out the best in others isn’t just a nice approach to work, it’s a winning business strategy.

Additional Programs:

Two Years

$77,925 USD

Durham, North Carolina, USA

100 Fuqua Drive, Durham, NC 27708, USA