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The University of Chicago Booth School of Business is a graduate business school located in Chicago, Illinois, at the University of Chicago. It is the second-oldest business school in the U.S., the first such school to offer an Executive MBA program, and the first to initiate a Ph.D. program in business. Booth is the only U.S. business school with permanent campuses on three continents: Asia, Europe and North America. Booth offers Full-time, Part-time (Evening and Weekend) and Executive MBA programs.

Own your experience.

Define your impact.

Chicago Booth offers the world’s most flexible full-time MBA program. Every moment you spend as a Booth student is spent building upon your existing academic and professional backgrounds, bringing you closer to your goals. We are dedicated to ensuring that the return on your time and investment is unrivalled.

The Booth experience provides you with freedom: academic freedom, freedom to take risks, and freedom to define your impact in the world. Our multidisciplinary approach to problem solving empowers you with frameworks for freethinking and sound decision making. You are also welcomed into a community of faculty, alumni, and peers who will open doors for you and proudly support your success—as if it were their own.

21 months

Approximately $103,759 per academic year.

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Dennis W. and Jane B. Carlton Fellowship – This annual full tuition fellowship was established for students from Israel, particularly those who have served in the Israeli military. It includes a stipend, mentoring, and professional development from business leaders in the Chicago area, facilitated by the Jewish United Federation. Recipients of this fellowship are expected to return to reside in Israel within five years of graduation.

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Four major components make up the flexible curriculum. You choose what you take and when – based on your experience, education, and goals.

Foundation courses focus on developing analytical tools and knowledge that supports the rest of the curriculum.

Functions, Management, and Business Environment courses cover basic business functions (finance, marketing, and operations); management (decisions, people, and strategy); as well as the business environment in which firms operate.

Electives cover 14 concentrations, offering students the chance to explore a topic more deeply.

Leadership training is so critical, it is the only required class. All students must take Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD), where they will work on key management skills such as negotiation, team-building, and giving feedback.

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