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The Stephen M. Ross School of Business is the business school of the University of Michigan. The school offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as an executive education program. Ross also offers dual degrees with other University of Michigan colleges and schools. Ross MBA program is ranked #21 in the world by the Economist and #23 by Financial Times, and #11 in the US by US News.

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The Stephen M. Ross School of Business is the business school of the University of Michigan. The Ross Full-time MBA program was named the MBA Program of the Year for 2021 by Poets&Quants and earned the No. 1 ranking for Best Administered MBA program (for the second consecutive year) and Greatest Resources for Women by the Princeton Review this year. The Full-time MBA program is ranked #10 in the USA by US News.

A Michigan Ross MBA opens doors to the world’s most desirable employers. No matter where you want to go and what you want to do, we are here to help make it happen and prepare you to make an impact right away.

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22 months

Total estimated student charges for the 2020-2021 academic year were $72,114. Please refer to our Financing page for additional details about financial aid, cost estimates and living expenses.

When you apply to the Full-Time MBA program you’re automatically considered for over 200 merit-based scholarships, and will be notified of any awards upon admission. No separate application is required. Awards are based on academic ability, professional and personal achievements, and potential to contribute to our community. Scholarships range from $10,000 to full tuition.


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The Ross MBA curriculum gives students a foundation in all of the core areas of business. For those who want to dive deeper on a particular topic, they can customize the highly flexible program with the below concentrations:

The STEM-designated Specialization in Management Science is a 14-credit program, taken in addition to the core MBA curriculum, that includes a wide variety of courses. Students who successfully complete this program and meet employment requirements may be eligible for the 24-month STEM OPT extension.

If you want to leverage analytics to provide data-driven business insights, the Data and Business Analytics Concentration will provide the competitive edge you need to turn data insights into actionable recommendations.

The Business and Sustainability Concentration complements the MBA curriculum with sustainability electives to help you consider the sustainability “triple bottom line”: environmental protection, social well-being, and economic performance. Available courses cover topics like climate change, food security, energy, water, the built environment, manufacturing, materials, and social impact.

The Fast Track in Finance (FTF) program is for those ready to take on the rigor of accelerated finance coursework. Typical career paths for FTF students include business development, consulting and strategy, and technology.

Prepare to lead in healthcare with the Healthcare Management Concentration. Combine courses at Ross with healthcare course work at top-ranked schools across campus. Add to your multidisciplinary education with relevant campus events, professional clubs, and recruiting support.

Real estate development impacts climate change, social relations and equity, public finance, foreign policy, capital markets, and more. Learn to look at real estate from an interdisciplinary lens while earning a graduate Real Estate Development Certificate.

A joint venture with the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, the Tauber Institute for Global Operations gives you the tools to successfully launch a career in operations, supply chain management, or manufacturing. Collaborate on projects with some of the institute’s many industry partners, while gaining a holistic understanding of operations at the highest level.

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Michigan Ross helps turn your career goals into a strategic mission, providing the experiences and resources necessary to land the job that’s right for you.

Our MBA graduates work in an array of industries, with 60% of the class going into Tech or Consulting. The top hiring companies at Ross are Amazon, Google, Deloitte, Citi, Microsoft and PepsiCo, which have all recently hired international students.

Jewish community: The Ross Maize & Jew club serves as a community for Jewish students and allies at Ross to foster a sense of belonging around Jewish traditions, heritage, and culture. Join other Israelis and American Jews for Shabbat dinners, celebrate the holidays and share Israeli recipes during Food, Friends and Culture nights! In addition, the Israel Trek is an annual spring break trip to Israel organized by Israeli and Jewish American students in the Ross community.

Michigan Ross has a strong Israeli and Jewish network. We recommend reaching out to our current Israeli MBA students; they are excited to speak with you and share more about their experiences!

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The University of Michigan Ross School of Business

The University of Michigan Ross School of Business Chat
Taya Sapp
6/09 08:35PM
Hello! We're having an Ask Me Anything on Monday with our Israeli alumni. It will be a great event, you can register here:
You can also join our zoom chat later today during this event:
I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have now over this chat
Guest- Roy
6/09 08:39PM
hello, Does your school have any to scholarships? if so, what scholarships?
Taya Sapp
6/09 08:40PM
Hi Roy - yes we have scholarships. All applicants are automatically considered for them based on the strength of your application. They range from $10K USD per year to full tuition.
Guest- Ori Levi
6/09 08:43PM
Guest- Noam
6/09 08:43PM
Hi any GMAT/GRE waivers this year?
Guest- Ori Levi
6/09 08:43PM
thanks for answering these questions
Can I take the GRE instead of the GMAT? I think this test is "better" for my skills . is there any advantage to the GMAT?
Guest- Inbar
6/09 08:44PM
Taya, do you have fewer slots in your class due to deferrals from last year?
Taya Sapp
6/09 08:45PM
Hi Noam, we'll be making an announcement about alternatives to taking the test soon
but there is likely to be an alternative to taking the test again this year, you would still need to demonstrate quantitative skills that you have from other experiences
Hi Ori - of course! Please take the test you think would suit you best
Hi Inbar - do you mean the class starting this fall? We did have some deferrals, but there wasn't a significant impact on the number of people we were able to admit.
Guest- Ori Levi
6/09 08:51PM
is there a minimum GMAT and minimum GRE score you are looking for? an Israeli male with 5 years of experience?
Taya Sapp
6/09 08:52PM
Hi Ori - we don't have minimums. We post our average GMAT & GRE on the class profile here:
I hope you can join us on Monday to chat with our alumni - here is the link:
You're also welcome to join our zoom chat later during this event:
Guest- Ori Levi
6/09 08:58PM
great, will look at all these links
big thanks!
Taya Sapp
6/09 08:58PM
Of course!
Guest- Gal
6/09 08:59PM
Can you share about the school’s culture and how it comes to reality in the school’s programs and curriculum?
Guest- Gal
6/09 08:59PM
Hi, I am new to the MBA world. I know GMAT is the first step, but do MBA programs look for other aspects besides GMAT, GPA and good professional experience (I work very hard and didnt have a chance to volunteer...)
Taya Sapp
6/09 09:01PM
Hi Gal! Welcome! We review your application holistically, so we'll try to get a sense of your fit with our academics through GMAT, GPA, work experience. We'll try to understand your professional accomplishments and experiences from your resume & recommendation letter, and then also get a sense of your passions and goals through your essays.
Volunteering isn't required, but we like to get to know you, what you care about & how you spend your time both at work and outside of work.
I'd highly recommend talking to current students to get a sense of the school culture - we have 300+ student ambassadors and you can reach out to them through this website:
You're also welcome to join our zoom chat later during this event where a student will be present:
And we're having an event where you can chat with Israeli Alumni on Monday:
Guest- Ofir
6/09 09:07PM
Can my wife also stay in the campus, if I get an admit?
Guest- Moran
6/09 09:07PM
thanks so much for answering all these questions. just went through them. I hope there is a GMAT wiaver, it has been a challenging year (well 2years)
if there isnt a GMAT waiver, can we apply in R1, and take the GMAT later?
Taya Sapp
6/09 09:08PM
Hello Ofir, of course! We have a very active partners club and she would be welcomed by the school and your classmates here.
Moran - I wouldn't worry too much, we will hopefully be releasing the test options soon.
and yes - very challenging two years!
MBAFair Admin
6/09 09:32PM
The chats are now closing. Thank you all for joining.
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