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Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School is a global business school with campus locations in San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Hertfordshire, and New York City. Hult has a student body comprising over 150 nationalities and an alumni network of over 17,000 professionals working across the globe. The school offers Undergraduate, Masters, MBA and Executive degree programs. All U.S. degrees are awarded by the school and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).
  • Global One-Year MBA
  • Dual Degree option
  • Rotation at 6 campuses worldwide

12 months

London – 54.600 GBP

Boston – 76.200 EUR

San Francisco – 78.300 USD

Dubai – 281.000 AED

  • Social Impact Scholarship
  • Global Professional Scholarship
  • Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship
  • Social Leaders Scholarship
  • Women in Business Scholarship

Electives in Finance

Electives in Marketing

Electives in Innovation

Electives in Analytics

Electives in Strategy

Electives in Disruptive Technology

Electives in Entrepreneurship

Electives in Behavioural Sciences

London, Boston, San Francisco, Dubai

Hult is a triple accredited Business School that offers top ranked programs in international locations. Hult is the business school for the global leaders of tomorrow!

Hult International Business School Chat
Guest- maxine
6/10 04:45PM
Guest- Bar
6/10 06:08PM
hi, I saw you have a few campuses, how do I choose?
Guest- Shai
6/10 06:08PM
Will the studies be on campus or online?
Guest- Bar
6/10 06:09PM
anyone here
Guest- Adi
6/10 06:12PM
How can I apply for scholarships?
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 06:12PM
Hi! I wanted to ask how do you treat people with ~10 years of experience? Do you recommend such people (if they are good enough) to come to Hult?
6/10 06:14PM
Hello everyone!
Sorry for replying a bit late
You can choose among ou 4 home campuses freely (Boston, San Francisco, London and Dubai) - no restriction where to start
You can also rotate in the summer term during the electives part of the program!
You can study both online or in person, we have options for both formulas
Guest- Ali nawaz
6/10 06:16PM
I have graduated with Hotel management. I lost the job in Airline with in 10 month experience because of covid.710 in gmat what are the chances to get the admission
6/10 06:17PM
Hello Ali, yes, you can definitely attempt an application and I would be happy to help you being in contact with one of our advisers
6/10 06:25PM
Here you can find our online MBA brochure:
Guest- Skye
6/10 06:26PM
any EMBA programs
and thanks for doing tis by the way!
6/10 06:27PM
We do have also Executive programs, yes
Guest- Yoni
6/10 06:28PM
Can I apply in multiple application rounds?
Guest- David
6/10 06:29PM
Hi, any scholarships for Israeli applicants?
6/10 06:29PM
Hi Yoni, yes you can
Hello David, we do have scholarships for Israeli applicants
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 06:30PM
Hi! I wanted to ask how do you treat people with ~10 years of experience? Do you recommend such people (if they are good enough) to come to Hult?
6/10 06:31PM
We have different kind of backgrounds in class, Itay, we totally encourage professionals with such CV to take part in the program as they would still be challenged
Regarding Scholarships, David, we take into account different kind of criteria for awarding a scholarship (timing of application, education, background, international experience and financial need)
Scholarships are only partial and cannot cover the full tuition
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 06:33PM
Thank you for your answer. Are there any specific advantages that your program can offer for the more work-experienced audience?
Guest- Matan
6/10 06:33PM
Do you offer specific scholarships for Israeli candidates?
Guest- Mor
6/10 06:34PM
I have taken GMAT 5 times. Will there be any issue because of multiple attempts or does this needs to be explained in the application anywhere?
6/10 06:35PM
Hello Mor, that will not affect your application
What do you mean by 'specific advantage' Itay? You mean in terms of teaching or application processes?
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 06:37PM
I meant in terms of teaching
6/10 06:38PM
The teaching would be the same for any kind of student who take part in a specific program, so no - you would definitely have a different kind of focus and assistance by our career service team
Guest- Itay Varkovitzky
6/10 06:40PM
Thank you for your answers!
6/10 06:41PM
Sure Itay
Guest- MBA here I come
6/10 06:42PM
can I shift between the campuses?
or is it one campus for each MBA?
ALSO, scholarships? how do I pay for this?
Guest- Eran
6/10 06:46PM
Hi, can you tell us what type of candidates are you looking for? any specific characteristics?
6/10 06:47PM
We look for candidates with more than 3 years full time work experience for our MBA programs, with roughly more than 5 for our EMBA
Guest- Sharon
6/10 06:48PM
Are there any exchange programs?
6/10 06:49PM
One can apply for scholarship after the preliminary registration over our website and the 75 USD application fee submission
That would result in a scholarship application review and once we communicate to you an acceptance/rejection we will also be able to communicate a scholarship amount and you can take a decision on confirming your seat in class or not
Sharon, we do have an internal 'exchange' program
Our Spring and Summer terms can occur in a different campus than your home campus
Guest- Meir
6/10 06:53PM
Hi, can you tell me what is best the London or the Boston Campus?
6/10 06:53PM
Just to remind everyone, we have campuses in London, Boston, San Francisco, Dubai and rotation centers in New York and Shanghai
Hello Meir, there isn't a best campus actually as they are all great and offer the same level of teaching
It totally depends on what's best for you and your career
Which kind of career focus do you have, If I may ask?
Guest- Adva
6/10 06:57PM
Is there any selection process for the exchange program?
6/10 06:58PM
No, it is part of the program
No selection process, it will be decided by the student
1 Education St, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA