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Hult International Business School is a global business school with campus locations in San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Hertfordshire, and New York City. Hult has a student body comprising over 150 nationalities and an alumni network of over 17,000 professionals working across the globe. The school offers Undergraduate, Masters, MBA and Executive degree programs. All U.S. degrees are awarded by the school and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Global One-Year MBA features:

  • Full-time (One year)
  • On campus, Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai
  • 22 specializations
  • 1 year OPT in the US (if chosen home campus is in the US)
  • 2 Year Graduate Immigration Route in the UK (if chosen home campus is London)

Global One-Year MBA with Analytics features:

  • Full-time (One year)
  • On campus, Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai
  • STEM specialization in Analytics
  • 3 year OPT in the US (if chosen home campus is in the US)
  • 2 Year Graduate Immigration Route in the UK (if chosen home campus is London)

Boston-NYC Finance MBA features:

  • Full-time (One year)
  • Study in Boston and New York
  • STEM specialization in Analytics
  • Qualifies as STEM MBA with up to 3 years OPT in the US

Global Online MBA features:

  • Live and self-paced online courses
  • Live team projects and challenges
  • Grow your network at the on-campus kickoff
  • Optional on-campus courses
  • Faculty support at every step
  • Program length: 26 months

Executive MBA features:

  • Part-time (Two years)
  • On campus
  • London and Dubai
  • One four-day weekend per month
  • Students can apply for a travel bursary that will be applied against their fees (for London and Dubai only)

1 year for Full-Time on campus programs and 2 years for online and part-time programs.

Global One-Year MBA and MBA with Analytics:

  • Boston and San Francisco – 87,900 USD
  • London – 65,900 GBP
  • Dubai – 299,000 AED

Boston-NYC Finance MBA:

  • Boston – 87,900 USD

Global Online MBA:

  • 39,000 USD

Executive MBA:

  • London – 61,500 GBP
  • Dubai – 329,000 AED

Scholarship can reach up to 25% of the Tuition Fees

Boston, San Francisco, London and Dubai

  • Job-focused careers support tailored to their goals
  • Former recruiters and headhunters as their coaches
  • Active employer networking and corporate exposure
  • Step-by-step guidance to target job location, function, and industry
  • Practical employability skilling and toolkits
  • Integrated visa support
  • Exposure to an International and diverse environment
1 Education St, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA

Chat Transcript:

09:31:22 pm
User avatar HULT It was great to chat with you, everyone! Please feel free to reach out to me here if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss about the MBA at hult: [email protected] or
09:29:13 pm
User avatar HULT GRE (Verbal + Quantitative) around 305
09:28:09 pm
User avatar Miller What is the average GRE score?
09:27:23 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Miller, yes - GRE is also accepted at hult
09:26:58 pm
User avatar Miller Do you accept alternative standardized tests like the GRE in place of the GMAT?
09:26:00 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Talia! Thank you for your message - Absolutely! Hult International Business School is committed to inclusivity and diversity. As part of the LGBTQ community, you will find a supportive environment where you can actively promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for all individuals. There are numerous student-led initiatives and clubs focused on diversity and inclusion, providing you with ample opportunities to contribute to and lead efforts that align with your passion for fostering an inclusive business community.
09:24:45 pm
User avatar Talia Livia , as part of the LGBTQ community, my dream is to help inclusivity and open all business opportunities for all individuals. would I be able to promote this in the hult community
09:24:28 pm
User avatar Kohen I don't have any community experience but tons of other extracurricular activities. Is that ok?
09:22:59 pm
User avatar Golan Thank you
09:18:01 pm
User avatar HULT If you are considering applying to Hult MBA, you can submit your application here:
09:15:23 pm
User avatar HULT Plus, students who apply earlier have higher chances.
09:14:31 pm
User avatar HULT While submitting your application, you can express your interest and the admissions team will send you the declaration of finance template and the steps to submit your request
09:13:11 pm
User avatar Golan How can I apply to these scholarships?
09:11:38 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Muhammad, I would say between B2/C1.
09:11:22 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Elad, The most crucial components of your application are the personal assessment interview and your essay. While the GMAT is also considered, if you have a strong career background and have been studying or working in English, you may be eligible for a GMAT waiver.
09:10:33 pm
User avatar muhammad what english level do i need for mba?
09:09:13 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Golan, yes - hult offers scholarship based on financial aid and merit, for this year our scholarship range is up to 40%
09:09:02 pm
User avatar elad What is the most important part of the application? What is the importance of the GMAT score in the MBA application?
09:08:41 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Mahpara, Hult graduates typically find careers in consulting, finance, marketing and sales, entrepreneurship, technology, management and leadership, human resources, and operations and supply chain management. They work for top consulting firms, investment banks, tech companies, startups, and in leadership roles across various sectors. This diverse range of occupations reflects Hult's focus on providing a practical, globally-oriented education that equips students with the skills needed for success in multiple professional fields. here you can find our career report
09:08:34 pm
User avatar Barak Thank you for the information
09:08:25 pm
User avatar HULT
09:07:10 pm
User avatar Golan Is there a need-based financial aid?, If yes how can I apply?
09:06:25 pm
User avatar Mahpara What occupations do HULT graduates typically end up in?
09:06:07 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Barak, yes you could still apply for hult mba in those conditions
09:05:44 pm
User avatar HULT Yes, Isaac - you still can apply for Hult MBA, we take in consideration your work experience, motivation, innovative thinking and etc
09:05:32 pm
User avatar Barak Hey, I currently have 6 years, and plan on applying for 2026 when I'll have 8.
09:03:47 pm
User avatar Isaac My GMAT score is below 600, but I have 5+ years of work experience, can I use it to compensate for the low score?
09:03:31 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Barak - thank you for your question. How many years of work experience do you have in total ?
09:02:52 pm
User avatar Barak Hey there, I do not hold an undergraduate degree but have a strong GMAT score (690 GMAT Focus) and an excellent career record in tech and military intelligence, including management experience. Would I still be considered for the MBA program? How significant is the lack of an undergraduate degree given that I surpass all other criteria?
09:02:29 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Isaac, our GMAT average score is 600.
09:02:17 pm
User avatar Isaac for the program
09:01:59 pm
User avatar Isaac What is the average GMAT score?
09:00:53 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Sharon, When applying for the Hult MBA, you will need to submit your CV and diplomas. It's important to include your previous MBA, even if it was a distance program. Hult values your prior experience and sees it as an asset, reflecting your commitment to furthering your education and your ability to bring additional insights to the program. Be sure to highlight the skills and knowledge you've gained from your previous MBA and how it has prepared you for the rigorous and practical learning environment at Hult. This will demonstrate your continuous dedication to personal and professional growth.
08:58:16 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Inbar, at Hult International, the culture is centered on innovation, diversity, and experiential learning. This is evident through their global campus rotation, allowing students to study in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and new york, fostering a multicultural environment with a student body representing over 160 nationalities. Hult's is also commited to real-world experience is reflected in its hands-on approach to learning, incorporating simulations, projects, internships, and real business challenges, such as the Hult Business Challenge, where students solve actual business problems. These elements are seamlessly integrated into Hult's programs and curriculum, creating a dynamic and practical learning environment.
08:55:34 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Inbar, the LOR can be from a working colleague, or ex professor - we only don't accept from family members.
08:55:29 pm
User avatar sharon I have done a distance MBA degree (which I realize was not very useful). So technically, this will be my second MBA. Do I need to explain this anywhere in the application
08:55:06 pm
User avatar HULT Yes, they're weighed equally, Kohen, we have no preferences.
08:54:24 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Pnina - the GMAT test is only mandatory for the students who wants to do the MBA in Finance, for all others MBA'S the GMAT test can be compensated by doing the personal assessment interview and based on your professional experience, its taken in consideration your CV, references and the interview.
08:53:40 pm
User avatar inbar Can you share about the school’s culture and how it comes to reality in the school’s programs and curriculum?
08:52:45 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Oren, you can be waived of those test in case you have been worked or studied in English for all campuses except London - in case you choose going to the UK campus, for the visa purposes you would need to do a IELTS or TOEFL test, from last year they also have been accepting Duolingo test.
08:51:17 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Inbar, yes, during your admission process you will be requested to send us a recommendation letter, you would need to write an essay and take a personal assessment interview. The personal assessment interview at Hult International Business School focuses on four key areas: Innovative Instincts: Evaluates your ability to develop in your career, motivate others, embrace challenges, and adapt to change. Growth Mindset: Assesses your confidence in stepping out of your comfort zone, learning from experiences, and handling stressful situations. Contribution to an International Class: Examines your understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives and how your unique background can enhance the classroom environment. Motivation for Hult: Understands your reasons and motivations for choosing Hult and how it aligns with your goals.
08:50:12 pm
User avatar inbar What can I do if I don’t have LOR from direct supervisor? If I started my own company or work for family business?
08:48:52 pm
User avatar Kohen Are GMAT and GRE weighed equally for the admission process? Is there a preference for this from the school?
08:48:46 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Liron, q1:We do have a rotation campus in New York, that means you can rotate there during your specialization ( the last 6 study months). Our home campuses are: Boston, San Francisco, London and Dubai. q2: Yes, hult offer partials scholarship, the scholarship range offered this year reach up to 40%.
08:47:44 pm
User avatar Pnina Hi, I was told that I can apply to Hult with a GMAT waiver (I have a lot of professional experience) . How does the GMAT waiver process affect admissions? scholarships?
08:47:21 pm
User avatar Oren I meant GMAT/GRE/EA tests
08:47:09 pm
User avatar HULT Not possible to work full time while doing the full time MBA program, Rotem. You can, work 20 hours per week in the UK but not in the US, for example. We do offer though an executive mba or online mba in case you want to keep your job.
08:46:46 pm
User avatar inbar I do not have any substantial extracurriculars. Can this be compensated in any manner?
08:45:41 pm
User avatar HULT Hello Ofir, 1. Hult stands out due to its strong focus on practical, real-world experience and a global perspective. Our curriculum is designed to develop entrepreneurial skills, leadership, and the ability to work across cultures. We offer unique opportunities for global rotation, allowing students to study at multiple campuses around the world. Additionally, Hult's emphasis on experiential learning ensures that students are not just learning theory but are applying their knowledge in real business scenarios through simulations, internships, and projects with actual companies. 2. Yes, our MBA programs are particularly suitable, as they provide the business acumen needed to transition into management roles within engineering and technical fields. These programs include courses in project management, operations, innovation, and entrepreneurship, all of which are valuable for students with an engineering background. 3. For BSc. graduates applying to Hult, the general requirements include: A completed application form A bachelor’s degree or equivalent Transcripts from all previous academic institutions A resume/CV A personal statement or essay a letter of recommendation Proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS) if applicable (when going to the London campus, the english test is requested by the UK government) Regarding test waivers, Hult does offer the possibility of waiving standardized tests like the GMAT or GRE based on the applicant's academic background, professional experience, and other qualifications.
08:45:35 pm
User avatar Liron and, Q2 - if I may - Are scholarships available for diversity?
08:45:23 pm
User avatar Liron Hi, i saw in your brochure, you have a campus in New York. but somewhere else I saw only Boston SF and London. can I study in NY?
08:41:52 pm
User avatar rotem Is it possible to work during the full-time program?
08:41:28 pm
User avatar Ofir Hello! 1.What sets you apart as a business school compared to other schools? 2.Do you have any programs or courses for students that have mechanical engineering background? 3. What are the requirements for a BSc. graduate in order to apply to your business school? is there an option for a test waiver?
08:41:18 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Oren, which test do you mean? GMAT or english test?
08:41:06 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Kohen! Yes, Hult considers IDF as full time work experience, and it is relevant for your admission process and candidate work experience.
08:40:00 pm
User avatar Oren Hi, Do you give test waiver?
08:39:54 pm
User avatar HULT Hi Rotem, Nice to meet you! We always encourage students to visit our campus, and we normally provide travel bursaries or even flights for confirmed students. However, when an on-campus visit isn't possible, we offer a variety of online events to give you a feel of campus life and a typical class day. These include "Accepted Students Go Live," "Masterclasses," "Ask Anything," and more..
08:39:12 pm
User avatar Kohen Hello, will my work at IDF be considered a positive for my application?
08:36:46 pm
User avatar rotem Hi Livia, how would you advise candidates to get to know your MBA program and student community if they aren’t able to visit your campus? thanks in advance!
08:30:37 pm
User avatar HULT Hi everyone! nice having you here - My name is Livia and I am Hult International Business School representative. This chat is like a Q&A, so feel free to ask anything!