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Representative name: Livia Freire Andre
Position: Associate Director of Enrollment
Email: [email protected]
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Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School is a global business school with campus locations in San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Hertfordshire, and New York City. Hult has a student body comprising over 150 nationalities and an alumni network of over 17,000 professionals working across the globe. The school offers Undergraduate, Masters, MBA and Executive degree programs. All U.S. degrees are awarded by the school and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Global One-Year MBA

Dual Degree option

Rotation at 6 campuses worldwide

12 months

London – 56.6900 GBP

Boston – 79.800 EUR

San Francisco – 79,800 USD

Dubai – 289.000 AED

  • Social Impact Scholarship
  • Global Professional Scholarship
  • Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarship
  • Social Leaders Scholarship
  • Women in Business Scholarship

Electives in Finance

Electives in Marketing

Electives in Innovation

Electives in Analytics

Electives in Strategy

Electives in Disruptive Technology

Electives in Entrepreneurship

Electives in Behavioural Sciences

London, Boston, San Francisco, Dubai

Hult is a triple accredited Business School that offers top ranked programs in international locations. Hult is the business school for the global leaders of tomorrow!

Hult International Business School Chat
MBAFair Admin
6/09 07:32PM
hello everyone
Livia Freire Andre
6/09 07:43PM
Hi there+
Guest- Dor
6/09 07:46PM
Hi! I wanted to ask how do you treat people with ~10 years of experience? Do you recommend such people (if they are good enough) to come to your school?
Livia Freire Andre
6/09 07:48PM
For sure. We do have a lot of students with 10 years of work experience, or more in the class. In any case, our MBA is only for people with more than 4 years of work experience.
Guest- Dor
6/09 07:48PM
Great, thank you!
Livia Freire Andre
6/09 07:49PM
Thank you
Guest- Amit
6/09 07:57PM
Hi, what entrepreneurship courses and programs do you offer? Do you encourage working on a venture while studying at your MBA program?
Guest- Daniel
6/09 08:00PM
Livia, do you offer internerships?
and follow up question. I am a lawyer and want to move to another industry. private equity in London. is this possible?
Guest- Sarah
6/09 08:02PM
Hi Livia, what are the scholarship options available for FT MBA
Guest- Moshe
6/09 08:06PM
same question about part time. are there any scholarship options?
Guest- noam
6/09 08:06PM
hi Livia, Is there a major difference between the different rounds of admissions?
Guest- Roy
6/09 08:07PM
Hi Livia, nice to meet you. Can I apply for all locations within one application ? Also, is an EU citizenship helpful in any way? Thank you
Livia Freire Andre
6/09 08:13PM
Hi there, we do have the electives (specialization) in entrepreneurship.
Hi Daniel! Our mba is full time MBA and request a lot of commitment, I encourage my students to focus only on studying during this time, although, in London campus is possible to study 20 hours per week during your MBA.
Answering your followed question, when you finish your MBA I guess you can apply for other companies, yes. Why not ?
Guest- David
6/09 08:16PM
Can I switch campuses in the middle? I am interested both in Dubai and UK... but also Boston
Livia Freire Andre
6/09 08:17PM
Hi Sarah and Moshe, yes, we do offer partial scholarships and they can reach up to 40%.
Hi Noam! Our admission process consists in evaluate the candidate profile, a personal assessment interview with a senior application manager from us, minimum 3 years full time of work experience, english proficiency, a bachelors degree completed and minimum of 24 years old.
Hi Roy! Nice to meet you as well
When applying, the applicant page request you to select a campus, but you can change the start campus up 2 weeks before the program starts
Guest- Ofek
6/09 08:21PM
Livia, do you offer specific scholarships for Israeli candidates?
Livia Freire Andre
6/09 08:22PM
@Roy The EU citzenship can be helpful for the visa process.
Hi David! yes, you can. you can rotate as much as you want during your electives time.
Guest- Roy
6/09 08:22PM
Got it ! Thank you !
Livia Freire Andre
6/09 08:24PM
Hi Ofek! Our scholarship is based on merit and financial needs, plus the percentage can decrease depending on the application time, as soon the admission committee receives the application, higher chances for a higher scholarship.
MBAFair Admin
6/09 08:39PM
The chat sessions are now closed - Thanks
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