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The London Business School, founded in 1964, is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. In 2013, LBS was reported to have among the most wanted MBAs in the world by recruiters, comparable to those of Harvard, Stanford and Insead. LBS awards only post-graduate degrees (Masters, MBA, PhD and EMBA). The school’s main programme is its flexible 15–21 month Master of Business Administration degree.

London Business School has been ranked number one business school in Europe for four consecutive years by the Financial Times (FT). Our MBA has been ranked number two international MBA by Bloomberg Businessweek.

One of our seven Global Business Experiences takes place in Tel Aviv. We also have an active alumni club based in Tel Aviv and London which serves as the primary connection between the School and its alumni in Israel, providing opportunities for professional networking amongst its members.


  • Caroline Chukwuma – Student Recruitment Associate, MBA
  • Daniel Coleman – Recruitment & Admissions Manager, MBA

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15 – 21 month MBA:

One-year MBA (with a pre-requisite Masters):

  • With 100+ electives and flexible exit points, you can build your MBA around your personal career goals.
  • Join a tight-knit international community of over 53,000 individuals, spanning 160 countries and countless industries.
  • Enjoy unparalleled access to top global businesses and buzzing start-ups when you gain a base in London.
  • Experience the highest standards of academic excellence through our highly respected faculty and guest speakers.
  • Engage with seasoned industry experts in our Career Centre and catch the attention of leading recruiters

15 – 21 months for our MBA Programme

One-year MBA Programme


We have a growing portfolio of scholarships that ensure we attract and support the brightest talent. Admitted students are automatically considered for all awards. Browse our scholarships here:,One-year%20MBA

Students have the option to choose a concentration during their MBA. We currently have the following concentrations:

  • Change Management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Private Capital
  • Strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Technology and Analytics

London Business School, Regent’s Park, London

  • LBS is in central vibrant London
  • Great for post MBA careers in Finance and Consulting
  • Very international, allows you to gain a global network
  • The programme is very flexible, can be tailored to your own needs and above all allow you to work
  • Focused on building your career and partnerships with the Career Centre, and world-renowned leaders and organisations.
  • Our MBA is ranked #8 by the Financial Times.
  • 63 nationalities in our MBA2023 intakeBased in the heart of London, with opportunities to take on internships during the programme


Regent’s Park, Sussex Pl, London NW1 4SA, UK

Chat Transcript:

10:54:20 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Useful link on employment:
10:41:31 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Adding another link that you might find useful:
10:32:20 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Entrepreneurship
10:29:07 pm
User avatar London_Business_School You are welcome, David.
10:28:34 pm
User avatar David thank you
10:28:29 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Layal, candidates come from diverse background - not just business background. It will depend on the quality of the experience. Yes, there are scholarships but not all full scholarships, you can check our Scholarship page on our web site: for more information.
10:25:51 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi David, No, you can choose your concentrations in the 2nd year, by choosing 5 or more electives in that subject area.
10:24:59 pm
User avatar Layal Hey, dear, I finished English Literature and Political Sciences in my Bachelor's. I do not have any experience related to business. Would it be difficult for me to be accepted? I have three years of experience in the educational field. Do you offer a full Scholarship?
10:24:37 pm
User avatar David Do I need to choose my specilization in advance?
10:23:07 pm
User avatar London_Business_School There is the Entrepreneurship Summer School - although part of the MBA but can be attended by non-MBA candidates. You can also check out our short Executive Education programmes.
10:21:18 pm
User avatar Thai Shalev Do you offer courses in entrepreneurship that are not part of the MBA program?
10:20:51 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Ofir, admission is based on the quality of the individual's application regardless on their nationality.
10:18:31 pm
User avatar Ofir Can a European citizenship help acceptance in any way?
10:17:53 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Thai, all graduates can work for 2 years after the programme on their student visa and then the company they are working for will then sponsor the next type of visa after the 2 years.
10:16:17 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Ofir, LBS is very international and global in our student body and teachings. Our students come from a very diverse background including engineers, medical doctors, military background etc. The MBA is a general management degree and is not specific to any individual subject area. We over 75 Students Clubs. Please visit our web site for more information on Clubs.
10:12:50 pm
User avatar Thai Shalev Is it complicated nowadays to get a residence or work visa for England as a French citizen?
10:12:00 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Yuval, military experience is accepted as work experience but it will depend on the quality of the experience.
10:11:41 pm
User avatar Ofir Hello! 1.What sets you apart as a business school compared to other schools? 2.Do you have any programs or courses for students that have mechanical engineering background? 3. How are the social activities in the campus? do you have the time to engage in social activities that are not related to school directly?
10:09:06 pm
User avatar yuval A question about military experience effect while applying for an MBA degree. How is your university admission policy for veterans, having less experience in the labor market?
10:07:50 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Emanuel, you should download the Employment Report as it has a whole lot of information on recruitment post the MBA.
10:06:01 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Ori, extra-curricular activities may showcase some skills that you will use to make an impact on other, but the quality of your work experience is key.
10:04:04 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Thai, average GMAT is 700. We do have Partners Club that your spouse can join. However, do bear in mind that students can no longer bring their partners on their student visas. Application will open in mid-July, first deadline will be in September, 2nd in January and the last deadline will be in March - all to start in August 2025.
10:01:30 pm
User avatar Thai Shalev Hello, I have a few questions: 1. Which GMAT result do you consider to be competitive? 2. Do you have special activities for students' spouses? 3. when will registration open for August/September 2025? And when will it close?
10:00:48 pm
User avatar tomer Hi, I read about your MBA. but where can i find information about what companies typically recruit from your program?
10:00:36 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Alon, it is not advisable to hold a part-time job in the first year of the programme because of the heavy workload. But in the second year which is more flexible, students can hold down a part-time job.
09:58:52 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Emanuel, the average is 700, however, a slightly lower score will not eliminate a candidate straightaway and neither will a higher score guarantee admission. Admission is based on the whole application.
09:58:43 pm
User avatar alon Is it possible to work during the full-time program?
09:57:15 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Dana, yes, from January this year, the UK Government has implemented the rule that international students cannot bring dependants to the UK while studying.
09:56:41 pm
User avatar Emanuel My GMAT score is below 700, is it possible to get acceptance? Work experience is plus 5 years, but not much to demonstrate.
09:55:21 pm
User avatar Dana hi, I heard that it is impossible for a partner to get a visa while I study at LBS. is this true?
09:54:04 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Habib, there are a few experiential learnings such as the LondonCap and Global Experiences and of course the Entrepreneurship lab. If you need more info on this, please email me: [email protected]
09:51:43 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Ezra: Scholarships are awarded on the merit of the whole application. You can find a list of all the available scholarships here.
09:49:44 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Emanuel, our Career Centre will work with you from day 1 of the programme. They will bring recruiters on campus for summer internships and final year employment opportunities.
09:49:37 pm
User avatar ori I do not have any substantial extracurriculars. Can this be compensated in any manner?
09:47:36 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi Ori, GMAT/GRE is mandatory for all MBA applicants without any exceptions.
09:44:59 pm
User avatar Emanuel Given LBS's location in London, a major financial center, how will it connect students with internship and job opportunities?
09:40:19 pm
User avatar Habib What opportunities does LBS offer for experiential learning, such as lab or entrepreneurship projects?
09:39:46 pm
User avatar ori Do you waive GMAT and/or accept the focus edition GMAT?
09:39:14 pm
User avatar Ezra Dohan What are the scholarship options for Israeli candidates?
09:38:12 pm
User avatar Thai Shalev Hello, I have a few questions: 1. Which GMAT result do you consider to be competitive? 2. Do you have special activities for students' spouses? 3. when will registration open for August/September 2025? And when will it close?
09:25:51 pm
User avatar kk I have a work-ex of 2 years in different organizations. is this accepted? what is the Minimum work years required to get into MBA program? I have work ex in Bank of America but I left it to come back to my hometown and currently working at Charted Accountant firm, while preparing for exams, Do this impact negatively? If I scored less in GMAT- Quant section. Will any other quantitative skills value in place of that? Do you have option of deferred MBA if work ex is less than what is required? Is leadership positions at undergraduate college counts as work ex (professional experience) or not? Is there any other masters degree related to finance, management, accounting or entrepreneurship Which do not require GMAT/GRE. only standardized tests TOEFL/IELTS
07:30:05 pm
User avatar London_Business_School We're thrilled to have you here today. My name is Daniel Coleman (Recruitment & Admissions Manager) and I'm also joined here by Caroline Chukwuma (Student Recruitment Associate). It's very nice to e-meet you! Whether you're just beginning to explore your MBA options or you're already considering applying, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about what London Business School has to offer. At London Business School, we're committed to shaping the future of global business. Our MBA programme is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and network to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We pride ourselves on our diverse and dynamic community, world-class faculty, and our prime location in one of the world's most vibrant cities. Throughout this live chat, we'll be answering your questions, sharing insights about our program, and helping you understand what makes LBS a unique place to pursue your MBA. Feel free to ask us anything—whether it's about our curriculum, student life, career support, or the application process. If you have any questions after the session or need further information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to help and look forward to connecting with you! Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to a lively and informative conversation.
04:13:32 pm
User avatar London_Business_School Hi, Looking forward to the event.